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    Africare Peppermint Conditioner 8oz


    Africare Peppermint Conditioner moisturises and rejuvenates the hair and scalp by infusing natural botanicals, humectants and reconstructing proteins.

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    The Africare Peppermint Conditioner With Tea Tree Oil rejuvenates and moisturizes your hair scalp. It does this by infusing natural botanicals, humectants and reconstructing proteins. With it having extracts of chamomile, cucumber and aloe vera it soothes and moisturizes your hair. The wheat a protein is then added to strengthen your hair so it is not as fragile so won’t break easily. Tea tree is natural antiseptic which purifies and fights bacteria. Use the africare peppermint shampoo with tea tree oil alongside it to shampoo your hair for the perfect results. Towel blots any excess water once you’re done.

    How to use: Apply a generous amount of product to your hair. Then leave on your hair for a least 5 minutes. Next rinse the product out of your hair thoroughly and proceed to style your hair as normal.

    Africare Peppermint Conditioner


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