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    Ceris Hydra Therapy Cactus Flowers Conditioner 300ml


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    CERIS HYDRA THERAPY WITH CACTUS FLOWER CONDITIONER is made particularly for those with hair that lack in moisture, those with chemically treated and worn hair, static hair, quickly broken hair, and most importantly is suitable for all hair types. Its ingredients include special cactus flower extract to give the necessary moisture required to the hair after washing hair with shampoo to provide easy combing leaving the hair smooth and silky. Nourishes and repairs damaged hair. Does not make your hair heavy, it plumps and adds volume to the hair. It moisturizes and revitalizes the hair without leaving the hair oily. With cactus flower extract, it keeps the hair moist, and helps drying, screening, styling and prevents breakage of the hair. With its other extracts in the ingredients, it provides nourishment and moisture not only to the outside of the hair but also within the hair follicles making it soft, nourished and manageable. Gives the hair more shine, radiant and a healthy appearance. The cactus conditioner can be used as an intensive treatment. pH 4.0


    With Special Formulation created by the CERIS’S Laboratories,

    Hydra Therapy is good for:

    – Is suitable for all hair types.

    – With its content of Cactus Flower Extract provides long lasting moisturization

    – Gives the hair more vivid and shine giving the hair a smooth and radiant appearance.

    – It penetrates and strengthens the hair from root to the tip increasing elasticity.

    – With its nourishing effect, helps the hair grow faster.

    – Whilst smoothes the hair it makes it easy to shape and control the hair.

    – Provides natural volume and fullness to the hair.

    – The shampoo will help cure and prevent dandruff and dry flaky scalp, leaving your scalp free from dry skin.

    – It penetrates into the hair cells repairing damaged hair.

    – Nourishes the hair, while giving the hair a moisturizing effect without leaving the hair oily.

    – Shortens drying time.

    – Has the ideal active ingredients for hair therapy giving the hair restorative and rejuvenating moisture.


    • Dermatologically tested. Paraben free.

    • With the extract of cactus flower helps moisturise from the inside penetrating deep into the hair.

    • Confines moisture in the hair and prevents moisture loss.

    • With its special structure, it softens and adds shine to the hair.

    • Makes combing easy and shaping the hair especially for those with curly hair.

    • Helps repair delicate and brittle hair giving a smooth and silky appearance.

    • With its herbal formulas, gives a pleasant aromatic smell leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

    • Does not make the hair heavy and moisturises without leaving the hair oily.

    • Provides natural volume and fullness to the hair and gives protection against hair loss.

    • Depending on external factors, helps minimise damage to the hair.

    Cactus Flower in the content of the extract to moisturize from the inside penetrates deep into the hair.


    • Comb hair out first.

    • Apply warm water and apply Conditioner to the palm of your hands.

    • Apply Conditioner on the hair using your fingers in a circular motion massaging the whole head

    • Comb the hair with the conditioner still on.

    • Rinse out with warm water

    • Take out excess water.

    • Comb through.

    • Repeat process if necessary.

    • The cactus conditioner can be used as an intensive treatment.

    • Shampoo the hair first, removing the excess water.

    • Apply the cactus conditioner sparingly on the hair. Leave on the hair for approximately 3 minutes. For chemically treated hair, leave it on for 10 minutes.

    • Rinse with plenty of water.


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