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    Mannequin Tina Afro Hair 8-12 Inch


    Mannequin Head

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    The Tina Course Afro Hair Mannequin Head 10-12 inches long. It is 100% human hair training head with tan skin. It is used by hairdressing students to practice hair straightening. They also use it for perming, colouring, styling and cutting. Mannequins are categorised by length, colour and ethnicity. Our training  head come in a variety of hair types. These are human, animal, synthetic hair or a combination of them referred to as “blends”. Our training head contains life like features for a realistic feel. For the ultimate training experience, hair is evenly distributed for a natural hairline. We use realistic sized head. Hair is professionally hand implanted. Our hair has unique afro texture for specific styling needs. Tina Afro Hair Mannequin Head is textured ethnic hair.

    All the hair on this afro training head 100% human. It has been chemically bathed and disinfected for your safety. Our training heads are processed by the following. Hair is boiled in water for about 6 hours, then washed in clear water. Hygienic and sterilised. Then hair is placed in an acid bath for 5-20 minutes. This is then washed in sodium hydroxide to neutralise the acids. Afterwards, it is washed and and rinsed with peroxide ammonia. Tina Afro Hair Mannequin Head is then shampooed, conditioned and air dried naturally.

    Colleges and training academies use this afro hair training head repeatedly. This is done by applying cream crème conditioner instead of hair relaxer to prolong its use. This give the students the opportunity to re-use the training head over and over again. This helps students with their product application technique. Students can eventually cut the mannequin’s hair.

    At home, teach your child how to care for their hair whilst embracing their natural textures by using our training head.

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    Tina Afro Hair Mannequin Head

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    used to practise braiding, relaxing and styling afro hair


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