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    Okhora Rainforest Kokum Butter Scalp Food 190ml


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    Kokum Butter Scalp Food

    (Made with Rainforest Butters)

    Experience the extraordinary benefits of Kokum Butter for your hair with Okhora Naturals Kokum Butter Scalp Food. Sourced from the lush Rainforest of Western Kerala, this remarkable hair food harnesses the healing properties of Kokum to revitalize and nourish your scalp.

    Kokum Butter is a light and luxurious ingredient renowned for its ability to promote natural and healthy hair growth. This scalp food is specifically formulated to rejuvenate your hair follicles, encouraging them to thrive and flourish. With each use, your hair will experience a renewed vitality and strength.

    The key to the effectiveness of our Kokum Butter Scalp Food lies in its perfect blend of ingredients. Alongside the powerhouse Kokum Butter, we have incorporated Shea Butter and other oils known for their scalp-restoring properties. Soya Oil, an antioxidant-rich ingredient, provides valuable protection and support for your scalp. Additionally, the inclusion of Safflower Oil, rich in oleic acid, helps to safeguard both your scalp and hair.

    This unique combination of natural ingredients works harmoniously to improve scalp circulation, which in turn stimulates and strengthens your hair follicles. By nourishing your scalp, Okhora Naturals Kokum Butter Scalp Food provides the essential nutrients needed for optimal hair health.

    Rest assured, all our products at Okhora Naturals are made using gluten-free ingredients. We believe in creating products that are not only effective but also cater to diverse hair care needs.

    Elevate your hair care routine with the remarkable benefits of Kokum Butter. Indulge your scalp with Okhora Naturals Kokum Butter Scalp Food, and experience the transformative power of natural, nourished hair. Unlock the secrets of the Rainforest and embrace the beauty that comes with healthy, radiant hair.

    How to use: Apply directly from bottle to the scalp onto each parting. Then massage with fingers or comb through on to ends. Do not rinse.

    Because we only use natural ingredients there may be slight product colour or texture change.

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