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    EdgeGum holds down 4c edges and is ideal for relaxed, natural hair and curly hair.
    EdgeGum adds shape to the hair whilst controlling “fly-away” hair around the hairline.
    EdgeGum slicks and holds down edges while adding shine and moisture.
    EdgeGum helps to increase the elasticity of the hair, makes it softer and does not leave any residue.

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    Discover the secret to flawless edges with Provide EdgeGum, the ultimate solution for taming and defining your hairline. Designed to cater to relaxed, natural, and curly hair, EdgeGum is here to elevate your styling game.

    Experience the power of EdgeGum as it effortlessly holds down 4c edges, giving you a polished and refined look. Say goodbye to unruly and “fly-away” hair that refuses to cooperate. This versatile product adds shape and structure to your hair, ensuring that every strand stays in place with precision.

    Not only does EdgeGum provide impeccable hold, but it also imparts a beautiful shine and much-needed moisture to your edges. No more sacrificing hydration for style. With EdgeGum, you can have it all – sleekness, control, and a healthy luster that enhances the overall look of your hair.

    Experience the transformative effects of EdgeGum as it enhances the elasticity of your hair, making it more supple and manageable. Embrace the softness that comes with using this remarkable product and bid farewell to any unwanted residue that can weigh your hair down.

    At Provide, we prioritise quality and performance. EdgeGum is meticulously formulated to deliver exceptional results without compromising on your hair’s health and integrity. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek updo or a polished everyday look, EdgeGum is your trusted ally.

    Unlock the potential of your edges with Provide EdgeGum and take control of your styling routine. Embrace the versatility and effectiveness of this remarkable product, leaving no strand out of place. Say hello to defined edges, impeccable hold, and a touch of brilliance. It’s time to elevate your hair game and make a lasting impression.

    How to use

    Place a small amount of EdgeGum to the hairline. Smooth and style with fingertips or soft bristle brush.
    EdgeGum for Plaits and Braids
    EdgeGum is suitable to hold and control hair whilst keeping plait or braid moist and pliable. This light gel provides the tackiness needed once on the hair allowing extra grip and lasting control.
    EdgeGum tames and hold stray unruly hair for perfect plaits whilst adding shine without attracting dust.
    EdgeGum is perfect for laying down flyways when applying in box braids. It also allows better grip while braiding and it prolongs braided styles.
    EdgeGum is designed to be used on its own or in conjunction with our alcohol free Provide Foam Wrap.

    How to use on Plaits and Braid
    Apply a small amount onto fingers and work into hair then plait or braid as required. Plait down, roll up and bond or stitch as required. Finally with Provide Instant Gloss or Polish.

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