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    Silk 2 Finishing Mist 16 oz


    For waves and that dry look use Finishing Mist and Finishing Lotion

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    The Silk 2 finishing mist goes perfectly hand in hand with the Silk 2 finishing lotion for amazing curls and body waves. It also works well on natural hair as well. When used daily it replenished your hairs moisture without adding weight to it. With it being easy to spray it also defines wave patterns beautifully and works incredibly for detangling hair before combing with natural hair.

    How to use: Hold the product four to six inches away from your hair and spray all over while using a small amount. Then massage the product into your hair and comb or brush you hair to gain your desired style.

    Silk 2 Finishing Mist

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    Easy to spray and define wave patterns. Use also on natural hair as a detangler before combing.

    How to use

    Hold 4 – 6 inches from hair and spray all over. Make sure you use a small amount. Massage into hair. Comb or brush to style as desired.


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