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    Syntonics Edge Define Hairline Smoother 4oz


    Gives a lasting hold and keeps edges from reverting No-flake formula that provides a natural sheen. A non-greasy formula that easily rinses out of hair.

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    This Syntonics Edge Define Hairline Smoother is the perfect thing for when you want to put your hair up in that ponytail or chignon. It delivers the ultimate frizz-free control for sleeked-back hairlines and short tapered nape areas. Without the hair being weighed down, it makes sure the hair lays down where you desire it to be. This non-greasy, cutting-edge, alcohol-free formula lasts for days while still being able to wash out easily. The Green Tea and Calendula moisturizes and protect the scalp and hair. While reducing the breakage around the delicate hairline and prevent edges from reverting back. It contains no artificial colours or fragrances, but instead has a nice lovely, light peppermint scent.

    Syntonics Edge Define Hairline Smoother

    Additional information

    Weight 0.2 kg


    Gives a lasting hold and keeps edges from reverting. No-flake and a non-greasy formula.

    How to use

    Apply a small amount and smooth with fingertips or styling comb/brush.


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