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    Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Ultimate Red Balm 25 ml


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    Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Ultimate Red Balm is the lip balm you can’t live without. Made in the UK from a variety of natural ingredients, it includes paw paw, which has been blended together to create a multi-purpose formula for you to carry around at all times in a handy 25ml tube. With its variety of uses from skin protector, moisturiser, nappy cream and lip finisher to healing  sun burn, skin irritations and a hair conditioning treatment. With this genius product being used and love by all, no matter whatever you use it for you will be delighted and buying another one very soon.

    Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Ultimate Red Balm

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    1 review for Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Ultimate Red Balm 25 ml

    1. Chenai Takundwa

      This makes my lips feel really good and its lasts a long time as well. My lips are really sensitive and I tend to get bumps around them when my skin doesn’t agree with a lip balm. With this one, I don’t get any bumps or itchiness and the colour is just right. Can’t get enough!

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