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    Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer 8oz


    Prepares hair for the application of wave activation gels, lotions and cremes for effective curl or wave activation, and helps eliminate offensive thio odors after permanent curl or body perm services.

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    The Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer is incredible as it corrects moisture deficiencies of hair and scalp. By maintaining the proper hydration for your hair as well as the proper moisture level your hair needs. Furthermore with it restoring the PH balance to your hair and scalp to allow your hair to remain healthy it conditions permanently curled or body-permed hair. It also helps prepares hair for gels, cremes and lotions when you wish to style it making your hair more manageable saving you time and prevent you from damaging your hair by having to tug and pull at it.

    Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer

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    Keeps hair moist. Non greasy and maintains moisture.


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