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    Freak Color Froggy Green 250ml


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    Freak Direct Colors are intense fashion colours. Freak Direct Colors come in different colours and can be mixed together. If you want a pastel shade or to lighten the colour, you can mix Freak Direct Colors with the Blanc Toner. Freak Direct Colors are ready to use. Do not mix with hydrogen peroxide. The best results are obtained on porous hair, by applying a blonde rinse or bleach. Do not use conditioner or conditioning shampoo before the treatment. Bleach the hair to at least a light blonde colour. Rinse/wash out the bleach carefully before towel-drying the hair carefully and applying an adequate amount of Freak Direct Colors to the hair. Allow to absorb for 15-30 minutes, before carefully rinsing it out using warm water. Recommendation: Wear gloves when applying bleach. Avoid contact with the skin. Moisturise the scalp using cream or skin oil. Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows. Warning: Freak Direct Colors may cause stains on clothes and plastic, such as on the arms of glasses, plastic washbasins etc. The product may continue to stain.

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