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    Syntonics Botanical Spritz & Shine 8 fl.oz


    Delivers soft-to-medium hold for styling control and versatility. Does not wet hair and dries without flaking and build-up, helps protect the hair and scalps from thermal styling . Available in 8 fl. oz. pump spray

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    This Syntonics Botanical Spritz & Shine with Green Tea and Calendula gives you the soft- to medium-hold styling product, for maximum control and versatility you have been looking for. It instantly adds shine to your hair without wetting it or giving it that look, while it dries quickly without leaving flaking and build-up.  Furthermore it adds an instant natural herbal moisturizing conditioner that protects the scalp and hair from heat styling, while the leaving the hair to feel soft, smooth and movable. To use just spray evenly 6-8 inches from hair or to create maximum volume, lift hair and spray close to the scalp.

    Syntonics Botanical Spritz & Shine

    Additional information

    Weight 0.31 kg


    Lightly holds hair in place after styling.

    How to use

    Spray evenly 6-8 inches from hair. To create maximum volume, lift hair and spray close to the scalp.


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