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    Syntonics Hair Foam Wrap Souffle 8 fl.oz


    Holds hair while leaving it soft, silky and shiny without leaving a waxy film on the hair. Alcohol-free and does not flake.

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    The Syntonics Hair Foam Wrap Souffle is a light and long-lasting hold. This mousse is a hands-down a number one, favourite due to the incredible body, remarkable bounce and luxurious shine it adds to your hair, perfect for wrap, weave and roller styles. Its formula doesn’t just for hold but helps the health of the scalp and hair. With their alcohol free and artificial colour free botanical formula, it obtains the power of Calendula and Green Tea to moisturize and repair dry scalp and hair.  This product will not flake or leave a waxy film on your hair; instead it will hold your hair softly and leave it silky and shiny smooth.

    Syntonics Hair Foam Wrap Souffle

    Additional information

    Weight 0.31 kg


    Alcohol-free. Does not flake and holds hair while leaving it soft and shiny.

    How to use

    Shampoo and condition. Towel-blot. Apply Botanical Foam Wrap Souffle


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